miércoles, 12 de marzo de 2014

Somewhere only we know

Right now, as a "grown-up", has been dificult to find places than endulge me, feel warm and totally blow my mind (the 3 options at the same time). My city isnt a very cosmopolitan city where I can see very different sides of it (like going from the Soho to the Bronx to Manhattan in NY) pretty much my city doesn't have many places you can actually run that are less than 40 minutes away and there are no many hidden alleys.

Well, over the weekend it show me off the opposite. I (well not me, my friends) find this little cutie café hidden on a side street from a very busy main road...it's right there on plain sight and yet for some reason its extreamelly cozy and cutie and perfect. The café is an open terrance with gorgeous lights over the trees and books to the side of the tables (or under or above!) and the food is divine as in Yummy, Cozy and home-made but perfect!. It was still a little too cold to be in the terrance, but the soft blankets make it a lot better to handle...but guys, let me tell you a secret, I'm almost sure my chocolate had something on it, (like pot hahaha) but we just couldn't stop laughing. Like WE COULDN'T STOP at all! It was past midnight and we were repeting all the same jokes over and over and never got tired of it! (mitocondria y su hermano fitoplasma!) 

I guess the trick to find new marvelous places to see in your own comfort zone is to see them with other eyes, it includes a set of several eyes to make a simple sweet place, the most marvelous Central Perk in the whole world.

sábado, 8 de marzo de 2014

Academy Awards Post-Recovery

Don't you ever feel like the Academy Awards are one big holiday day and we should get days off-work for it, presents, all the family together and just enjoy them? Like Christmas....maybe?. Am i the only one? I bet im not. Lets face it im currently feeling the blues post-award season, and even thought I enjoy them very much (specially the Oscars) I now feel something is missing. 

Aww Alfonso, estamos todos en este viaje...

This year's season was extremely fun since I planned  (actual planning) everything on advance in order to make the most out of the whole event ( from making sure i actually had the time to sit and watch, to actually making some drinks for it, but don't get me wrong it was nothing fancy, mostly beers and lime). So I had a lot of time in front of the tv to get excited (at one point I was already jumping in bed and screaming...my mom just left the room for a while). And I had reasons to: so happy for Mr. Alfonso Cuarón, Gravity was for me a delightful movie to see and not because he is from Mexico City or that (c'mon its not like my cutie country actually supports the arts) but because I love how he works his teams into making the kind of movie I love (yeah, I still think the 3rd Harry Potter is the best or most accurate to my mind).

But speacking of movie loves....I had no other than Gravity this year and not bacause American Hustle or 12 years a slave or even Nebraska and Blue Jasmine weren't good, the problem is, I cant tell, since I havnt seen them. (OMG yes ladies and gentleman i made a capital huge enourmous mistake and havent seen any of them). I'm so desesperated to see Jared Leto in Dallas Buyers Club and Lupita Nyong'o and Michael Fassbender in 12 years a slave, but damn, it appears not only awards gotta have to be plan into detail, but movies to me are becoming a prvilage little thing you can't just wait 365 days to have again.