martes, 30 de octubre de 2012

Out of Inspiration

Instead of becoming something exited, blogging has started to become a burden. I count on having either a lot of time to think of something or having a lot of awesome things to blog. But as much as i have done this days (ballooning fiesta, Serrat and Sabina concert, one of my bestfriends prom party, etc, etc) and as i actually been doing almost nothing...i already feel so tired i dont wanna go blogging into my computer.

I even download the Blogger app for iPhone to see is i could catch up with everything, but i havent even open it up. I want to do cute and awesome stuff for the blog, i just hope i get the inspiration to do that, and my job. Which for bad luck is lossing its inspiration for me.

lunes, 22 de octubre de 2012

Y las ideas hacen PUF!

...y desaparecen.

Llevo días tratando de escrbir un post de desahogo en este lugar, sin como pueden verlo, llevarlo a cabo. Increíblemente tuve muchos momentos de iluminación diciéndome una y otra vez...oh! Esta es uno de esos pensamientos que quiero escribir en el blog! O esta es una gran idea para un post!...pero por azares del destino nunca los realice...bien, es a esto que he decidido llevar a cabo una pequeña bitácora de lluvia de ideas de todo lo que necesito expresar.

Es muy linda <3 en realidad estoy muy emocionada de que esta idea si se vaya a plasmar en algún lado, porque haré mi propia libreta <3 y sera linda y maravillosa y escribiré en ella todos los temas de los que deseo hablar y anotare a su vez que imágenes colocare o que quotes citare o que demás cosas lindas haré.

Claro el detalle es que realmente lo realice y no solo me emocione como 5 minutos y luego PUF, como el resto de mis ideas.

Espero todas sus ideas si se concreten y si no, guarden 5 minutos al día para hacer una lluvia de ideas random de todo lo que desean escribir o realizar, y luego de ahí hagan prioridades. Ojala y a mi me funcione :) <------- smile face.

lunes, 15 de octubre de 2012

Oh Boy! Even in the crowd you are still one Hell of a Guy!

What?!?! Its been already more than 2 weeks since the last time i posted anything?!?! Yiaks! feels like time passing by! (no casablanca reference...of course! -not-). But in just a few days ago happen so many things.

I finally get to a Franz Ferdinand Concert in Guadalajara, and its was PRETTY amazing! To be honest it wasnt as i expected, turns out im just way too short for been in the crowd, haha barely breathing in there, but i got to see sexy Alex Kapranos in a good angle and got to hear him sing Michael <3 gosh! his voice is awesome and not only that, he has such a huge confidence on stage, its like he totally own it (of course he does, who are we kidding?) but its just even sexier! He has this little thing with his left hand pointing to the audience and shaking his hair that is a rockstar move that makes me blush...also the way he sings Ulysses is really good whisper-kind-a-thing song.

Unfortunaly my photos sucks ! (dont know why didnt took one of the work cameras!) but i still got one shoot to remember <3.

Alex Kapranos on stage Guadalajara 2012

martes, 2 de octubre de 2012

Fashion Wishlist Fall 2012

Well, im pretty sure everysingle one of us has been through a time where we want to eat the whole world, but lets face, just when that time pops, we have like zero chances of...later time does the trick and if you are lucky and work your ass off you might just get it.

In that case im planning to beat my ass off on some new project in order to get my piece of world my head is looking for...and that is a huge bag from ZARA. I went the other day and it was a truly pain in my bag to see i only had $40 pesos with me and couldnt affor anything! like nothing! but still falling head over heels for almost every single item in the store!. arg me and my unemployeed life.  Since im only gonna be able to get a few thing im gonna save a bunch of money to get the following Wishlist, the first in the blog.

At least i had a blast of fun making it, haha its been a while since the last time i was on Photoshop. <3.