martes, 30 de octubre de 2012

Out of Inspiration

Instead of becoming something exited, blogging has started to become a burden. I count on having either a lot of time to think of something or having a lot of awesome things to blog. But as much as i have done this days (ballooning fiesta, Serrat and Sabina concert, one of my bestfriends prom party, etc, etc) and as i actually been doing almost nothing...i already feel so tired i dont wanna go blogging into my computer.

I even download the Blogger app for iPhone to see is i could catch up with everything, but i havent even open it up. I want to do cute and awesome stuff for the blog, i just hope i get the inspiration to do that, and my job. Which for bad luck is lossing its inspiration for me.

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Macky dijo...

Noooo mujer, ¡tú escribe lo que sientas! No te preocupes porque resulte interesante para otros, o que tengan el formato más bonito del mundo. Los blogs son para uno, y si uno está contento expresándose así sin más, los que nos leen también nos van a leer con gusto.

O al menos ese es mi motto xD

Sony Faudoa dijo...

:3 empezare a tomar tu motto ! <3

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