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YumYumYum #1: Rotini with Cream and Butter

I must be honest with one thing even if it hurts to me: i suck at cooking!!!!. I love it so much and yet im a disaster! im the kind of people that can get water burn down. But i love watching cooking channels and the smell of fresh meals, i love cooking utensils and cooking shops, and love eating, and love giving food to people i love. YET. I totally SUCK at it. I've neer been able to get neither rice or cupcakes right. But my oh Mighty! i just got one recipe right!!!! the first one! :D and im dying to try it again!

Rotini with Cream and Butter

Last weekend i run out of mommy-loving-pre-home-made-food and had to figure something out, i got a bunch of ingredients from my kitchen and starting working :) so lets se how i got this yummy Tornellini on Butter and Cream Sauce.


1 cup of Rotini pasta (this can be either kind of pasta, i even think spaghetti or fettucinni are way much better)
2 tablespoons of Butter
1/2 a cup of Heavy Cream
3 tablespoons of Knorr (yeah the chicken spoon on cubes)
2 tablespons of fresh grounded cheese (i used hard-dry cheddar but I bet parmesan works better)
Salt and Pepper (more pepper than salt)

1. First cook pasta according to the package instructions :). I like to add part of the Knorr during this part just to give certain flavor to the pasta.

2. Get the butter a little melt down on the microwave, make sure its just a LITTLE not completely meltddown. Put half the Heavy Cream on a bowl and start adding a little bit of the butter as you start stirring, we want to add it to the cream and it might get complicated if the butter is to hot. DONT add all the butter, we are gonna be using a little of it.

3. Go take the pasta out of the water, put the rest of the butter into the saucepan, add the pasta as it's melting and start adding the heavy cream sauce. When its all blend in, incorporate the rest of the heavy cream just to have more of it into our pasta <3. Add knorr, salt and pepper to taste.

4. Serve hot and get some cheese on it (we know we want it!)

And hopefully it'll work out again! Fingers cross!!!

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Macky dijo...

Eso se ve muy rico! Yo no sé cocinar, igual y me animo a intentar esto D: A mí me hace ilusión cocinarle a mi marido y a mis hijos...pero me da mucha flojera aprender desde ahorita xD

Sony Faudoa dijo...

jajaja a mi me emociona cocinar rico...pero tambien me da mucha flojera cocinar jaja xD fail! :)

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