martes, 2 de octubre de 2012

Fashion Wishlist Fall 2012

Well, im pretty sure everysingle one of us has been through a time where we want to eat the whole world, but lets face, just when that time pops, we have like zero chances of...later time does the trick and if you are lucky and work your ass off you might just get it.

In that case im planning to beat my ass off on some new project in order to get my piece of world my head is looking for...and that is a huge bag from ZARA. I went the other day and it was a truly pain in my bag to see i only had $40 pesos with me and couldnt affor anything! like nothing! but still falling head over heels for almost every single item in the store!. arg me and my unemployeed life.  Since im only gonna be able to get a few thing im gonna save a bunch of money to get the following Wishlist, the first in the blog.

At least i had a blast of fun making it, haha its been a while since the last time i was on Photoshop. <3.

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Macky dijo...

Yo quiero hacer eso con photoshop ;_;

ALSO! La blusa que traes en el header, ¿la compraste en Zara? ¡Pk creo que tengo la misma! xD

Sony Faudoa dijo...

te enseño!!!!! :D es de lo mas facil :) hehe

y siiii bueno es de bershka pero es lo mismo! jaja :D

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