martes, 4 de diciembre de 2012

Movies to LIVE! #1

Well, since some of my ideas are pop-in out to see the light I decided to try a new segment! MOVIES. Cause let's face it we all love them, we all have our favorites, and there some to die for.

The first im going to start off is "The Great Gatsby". I know, i know, it hasn´t even come out yet (until Christmas day 2012) but dear god the Trailer is good enough for me!!! :D the images are nothing like i picture them reading the book (...also i havent finish it but im way too excited to let it go easily, i wanna have everything fresh for the movie) but everything in my mind was more tone-down. The director (Baz Lurhman) best known for "Moulin Rouge" has a very high standard for images and color and for my point of view a very barroquesque style. All the photo style of it is very rich and saturated and gives the feeling of a very fantastical world.

As you can tell already, I used a lot of VERY for describing it, but its the ultimate "maximalism" towards such a deep classic.

Reasons why i'd love to live in that film:

  1. Leonardo DiCaprio (c'mon years have serve u good young sir!)
  2. The dresses! those costumes are just gorgeous!
  3. The arquitecture (which creates this ciber-punk post 20´s in a side world)
  4. And (i wanna bet they werent actually like this during that Gatsby time) the parties! its both chic and glamourouse as drama and madness!

I just truly hope the movie doesnt let me down.

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