viernes, 7 de febrero de 2014

The plus-non-plus

Lets discuss work behavior. Sound heavy...better not. Les re-schedule that. Do now what you can do later.

Lets face it, work ethics are not only dificult to explain, but has become a group thing rather than an individual work ethic. Currently im overdoing as much as possible, first for the love of being there, learning and mostly feeling useful (cause after graduation i hit down to feeling useless). But also today they finally shout up to my face "you work as hard as you do for simple pleasure, nones notices it and nobody cares". Well i guess i wasnt expecting anybody to notice...or did i? Was it a bigger masterplan to make my superiors notice me? O do i really work double or triple than others for nothing in return?.

It did not scare me, it made me Mad. Mad as hell. Yes i was working hard, it should be recorded somewhere, into somebodys mind, dont care about the paycheck but feeling that others see the way i see it, true love for extra effort. Well in case you are wondering my other team players were looking at my as an idiot for working extra, for nothing. 

Yaouza. They were already working hard as hell, anybody who does extra is an idiot for doing it. Well, team players, let me tell you, im about to become you. Doing exactly what im supposed to do, nothing extra, just exactly 100%. Not 10 or 20% extra, nope. Nothing. Lets play this group work rule. (Btw i feel theres something they arent telling me....probably the numbers on their paycheck compared to my non-existent one) 

(Btw im a job meeting jojo) 

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