miércoles, 29 de enero de 2014

Into 2014....so far.

(BTW this post was supposed to be up a week ago! ...that can give you the scoop as how much I work on the following goals)

As you can see i fall into bad habits quite often: Not blogging. Once said the issue with blogging right now is that it feels more like a chore to do than a hide-out, it makes me feel responsible for something i should be trying to do 24/7. Some part of me knows it is mostly because i look blogging like a new job i have to make perfectly, but at this time, also notice is been a while since in have the opportunity to talk to somebody about pretty much anything that pops out of my head...like my blog used to be.

As every year i try my best to come often, and as every year i fail horribly over it. From all blogs and articles been following lately, one of it included putting your Year Goals by written, therefore you can see them Daily, Measure them and Remind them. So that's what i did...kinda. I put it over my bamboo app on my iPad just to have it around, but not in order to make it impossible to change it a little bit.

Originally started as a 5 goal thing....ended in 4; mainly cause also this year i was able to notice i have almost zero real goals. Not the i-want-to-be-thin kinda of goal, but those goals that are not really by years, but stages, for instance: what i want to do/ to be by the age of 30?. Yes my darlings, that's where the panic come from. *runs in circles, checks first goal of the year*

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