jueves, 13 de junio de 2013

Like the Movies #2 : Dad's Special Edition

Its been so long since the last time i came by. I Know i shouldn't but life keeps spinning around my eyes and I just cant settle yet. Once again I Quit my previous job to try a different thing. This time I wont change it, or wont be able to at least.

Life of Pi Movie by Ang Lee

I got a scolarship for a mastership in Marketing, on my previous school, and I'm freacking excited!!!!! I just can't wait to get books and homework once again! (i know it sound weird-geeky, but i do love school). The scholarship is a 100% so i wont have to worry about payments, but i do have to worry for job. I'll be at school for 4 hours daily basis to "work" for the school and sort of pay for my master. 

My dad got super excited about it and started telling everybody about it. Seriously dad?. But well, he is really proud about that and he truly believes this is for our "brighter" future as part of his company. To be honest it gets the creeps of me. I love my dad but i truly dont know if we could be working together. Worst i dont know if after all i might get to be "happy" pursuing a job i might not want. (yes, now i do see my career as a huge mistake. cant beat it.) But I'm glad my dad sees proud in me even when i doubt of myself. He doesnt know that part of course, but i bet he will always see me that way. 

Yeah there are certain things I dont agree with my dad, and one of those is "Every movie should have a lesson on it". To be honest i do believe there are movies that could be just funny and silly and easy going, not life-changing story. But my dad doesn't, he truly wants to be able to learn something out of it. Every lesson is important. I guess thats why he is a good entrepreneur, he sees a lesson in everything. Thats why i pick up very carefuly every movie we watch together, i know theres gonna be a test at the end (Yes he asks questions at the end). 

Few weeks ago i picked two good ones: Trouble with the Curve (since my dad and I are both huge baseball fans) and Life of Pi (since a while ago my dad heard "its a nice book"...well why not catch up with the movie!?). 

I must admit i was expecting more of Mr.Eastwood, but I can sense my dad got a lesson out of it (or at least enjoyed the baseball references). And Life of Pi was sooo cool! (makes me sound like Nemo´s turtles) but hey its awesome movie and really fantastical! My dad had his doubts about it, but the day after it we couldn't stop screaming "Richard Parker!" all over the house! (my roomates and I are the same now)

Yes my dad scares me, my future scares the hell out of me, and yeah im scare of myself. But when i watch movies with my folks, at least for 2 hours, i dont have to be scared at all. :)

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