jueves, 11 de abril de 2013

Pan con Cajeta para la Amargueta

Today was one of those days where I truly wanted to murder somebody. Job just got all messed up. I hate it. First they totally put a line on my about a mistake one of my parterns made and I couldnt solve it properly. Second, cash was missing. Yes, as in physical money was missing. And third, they change my schedule out of the blue for tomorrow, when I already had plans for that day. I got my schedule done again, but besides that, i still want to push somebody over a cliff.

Thank you blog of mine for still being around, today I can recall why I like writing a blog. My blog is the second friend I can tell everything and totally listens.

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Macky dijo...

Aaaw, ánimo!! Que no te pongan de malas :(

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