viernes, 29 de marzo de 2013

I'm Becoming a Material Girl

After months without any news, Im back. For Good. Maybe.

Life has only become more dissapointing and boring each day. I Quit my previous job, which was fun, but wasnt leading to any safe shore, so to speak. I got a new job, which is fun, but freacking tired, and isnt getting me anywhere, also for some reason its keeping me away from all my friends and family, dunno why. I find myself feeling rusty as days go by and I know at some point I´m gonna have to find another job, which only makes me feel lost and insecure. Its tired since its almost a year feeling the same way.

I think most of those things are the reason why Im more atractted to material things these days, for instance I find my most lovely days are the ones I'm finally able to buy the really-nice-but-expensive Shampoo I saw at the market or the days I go to Zara just to see pretty stuff. Going to Zara is the main reason I consider myself a material girl, currently I'm saving some of my income to get into one of this gorgeous pants! They are just way too pretty to be real!.

Sad but true, right now my closest dream is Shopping.

Zara TRF Oriental Pants 

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