martes, 22 de abril de 2014

On the HIMYM Finale...or how I learn to wait.

Yes yes yes, its been over nearly a month ago and yet I want to talk about it. Maybe we needed to wait for my LEGEN - wait for it even when you actually now whats next- DARY opinion about it. (Or maybe not, suit yourself.)
Yes,yes, yes the internet exploded the instant we saw SPOILER Ted Mosby by Robin's window with a blue french horn after years of the mothers death. Yeah, whether you hate it or love it (like i did) you have to admit this just made a huge closure to a generation (just like FRIENDS did at 2004) . I did grow up to become an adult based on the HIMYM gang, their familiarity and moves became my moves, my familiarity and my gang at the end. The inside jokes of this generation are gonna grow old to become part of our adulthood and whether you liked the end or not, you will always remember the 2:00 am rules, the MacKlarens and the pineapple and the goat (BTW WTH with that stuped pineapple!!!!!) cause they were the true LEGEN - wait for it - DARY stuff.

The good stuff, the memorable stuff, sticks around. So does the lessons. We learn to wait for the right one, that true love changes and grows within each marshmallow and lillypad and every Robin gets her blue french horn at the end (Now you see why i love the ending right?). But its not about finding the Mosby of our heart, the Barney that makes us laugh and the Marshall that would walk a 500 miles to us. Not only I want to find the right one, the How I Met Your Father story, but the trick is to become the One too. Being that Ted who keeps believing in destiny forever, that Barney who also loves scotch and cuban cigars and that Marshall who is willing to give a dream to travel to Italy, that Robin who just knows what she truly wants and that Lily who loves unconditionally. Its not about if we are mad the Mother dies at the end and Ted gets a second chance with Robin, but, that after 9 seasons, we saw the Mother grew to become the one to somebody as well as we saw each of them grew and become their own ONE and only love. 

That's why I love it, and why probably will keep loving it, HIMYM teach me to look and wait, but also to grow and become.

Now about growing...what next series are you watching?

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hieika dijo...

Hey! I have no idea how it is normal to answer in a Blog, I don´t even know how to manage a Blog (but I think is it a inner desire I am not capable to admit) ...anyway.. I start reading your Blog and ... I just love it. It is so cute and so you! Part of me thinks that a Blog is for ourselves, maybe a 50% is for sharing but sometimes you just need to write something.

Anyway, I couldn´t agree more with you! HIMYM was a part of our life and we always feel identified with some character in the serie. Even in halloween is a great idea to use one of the costumes =)

I just want to share with you, maybe you already saw this explanation, but...I will put it here anyway


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